Donna Paul was born in Ohio and moved to Kansas City in the 1970’s. She received a masters in Pharmacy from Kansas University in 1983 and was a practicing retail pharmacist until 2012. In pursuit of a change of pace she took up painting and quickly fell in love with a expressionistic painting style that she now actively works to produce. She uses her regular travels abroad and throughout Kansas and New Mexico inspire her as she paints both from life and photo.

Donna takes inspiration from New Mexico painters, Irby Brown and Albert Handell.

This One Cropped


Donna’s new found love of pastels allows her to experiment with dramatic color combinations.  Donna also paints in oil with a limited palette using only a warm and a cool variation of each primary.  This makes for uniform and harmonious paintings and allows her to focus on the natural landscapes she studies. Simplistic and gestural brush strokes emote motion and harmony with dramatic contrast between dark and light. It is important to her to show the beauty of situations many see every day.